Beginning of year office photos & info


In June I blogged about my struggle to find my ‘just right’ school. You must be wondering, did she find it? Well, I’m very happy to say that I did. In fact, I found two ‘just right’ schools! I feel so good about joining both of my schools that I haven’t even really been stressed about it, which I have to say is a welcome change.

In honor of finding my ‘just right’ schools, I’d like to share some photos of one of my offices since I put in a lot of work to make it welcoming and kid-friendly. My other office is still coming together.



Shout Out Wall

Shout out wall for students to write messages


Welcome to my room!

Books and Desk

My bookshelf and my desk


My desk


Shelves with games and toys


Counseling signs

Table Area

Table area, bean bag chairs, feelings posters

Calm Down Corner

Calm down corner

Breathe Relax

Positive message for students

Worry Stones

Worry stones

Worry Eaters

I love my new Worry Eaters from Child Therapy Toys!

I’d also like to share two documents that I created to help educate staff about my role. One of the unique things about my two schools is that they haven’t had a School Counselor in a very long time. Lucky for them, they’ve hired a School Counselor who loves to advocate! 🙂

On the left is an intro letter to staff and on the right is a document that explains what a School Counselor does. You can click on each picture to access the document.

Intro Letter to Staff pic       What Does a School Counselor do pic

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I wish you a successful school year! 🙂


Some fancy office decor

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Okay, so I went a little crazy on Vistaprint this afternoon! I have been wanting a couple posters for my office, so I finally purchased them. I love Vistaprint because everything is so customizable and cute! Not to mention, fairly affordable. I usually resort to paper and markers to make my own style of posters, so you have to understand that to me, the ones I ordered are super fancy!!! Plus, my lopsided homemade posters just don’t look as nice as the Vistaprint kind. Go figure.

I have limited wall space in my office (I plan to post pictures soon), so I have to be choosy with what I put up. But, I can’t wait to add these two beauties!

This is a small poster (11.25″ x 17.3″) that I plan to hang in my door window. My office is in a portable outside, so I am separated from the main building, and it’s often difficult for new students and parents to know which door is mine. Well, problem solved!

Door sign

I have seen a bunch of cute posters from other bloggers that address confidentiality, but I wasn’t totally in love with the words they used. However, I do love the idea of having a permanent reminder of it in my room for all students to see. So, I changed the language and made my own. (This banner is 3′ x 1.6′)


I could spend all my money on posters and banners!! Do you hang posters and/or pictures on your office walls? Share them – I’d love to see! 🙂

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