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19 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Your website was an awesome find! Thank you for freely sharing! I am glad to credit you and not reinvent the wheel! What a gift!!!

  2. Hi My name is Michelle McKenzie and I am a first time counselor at Lee Central Middle School. I ran across your sample progress note and think it would be great to assist me with documentation. How can I have access to this or create my own in googledocs?

    • Hi Michelle. You can easily create your own progress notes through your Google Drive. You would go to Create, then Form, and you can put in all the questions you’d like to have, pick your style, and that’s it! Pretty easy!

  3. Hi Kayla~just discovered your website following a wonderful morning meditation. So no chances there. 🙂 It was truly inspiring (literally meaning to “breath (life) into…to enliven, etc.”) and comes at a time when I really need an infusion of positive emotional energy and practical helps. Thanks for sharing! Peaceful Paths, Duane

  4. Kayla – Just found your site while looking for newsletter ideas. I love your site and look forward to exploring it more. I have found you have a real knack for writing articles on timely topics. Would you be okay if I included an occasional article of yours if I gave you credit? It sure would make my life easier.

  5. Hi! I love your page because I needed a new way to keep my case notes and the Google Docs forms are perfect! I was wondering how you then view the responses “by student”. I have the responses also copying into a spreadsheet but I am not sure how to easily say “Okay I want to look at all the notes I have for John Doe”, and I was wondering how you do it! Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle! I love Google forms! To view by student, you go to your spreadsheet, click on data, and then on filter. Then go to your student name column and you can check off which student you want to look at. And then you can go back to data and click turn off filter when you’re done. Hope that helps!! 😊

  6. Good day. Im Mary Care, I’m new in the Guidance and Counseling Profession. Can I ask for any forms you use in your office?

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