I’ve been avoiding this. Over the last 6 months, I’ve had this conversation many times, with many different people. But to put the words into writing and publish them on my blog is a whole other thing.

You can’t ever really know where your life will take you, or how one decision might impact another. But when a change is needed, things just don’t quite feel right until you land on a decision. You can have a good think, a good sleep, a good talk, and then take a step forward.

My step forward was to leave the school counseling profession.

For now.

I am still a school counselor. And I really, truly hope to return to the profession when I’m good and ready. But right now, I am putting family first, which means sacrifices that I never thought I would make.

If you told me when I landed my first school counseling job that in 8 years, I would consider leaving the profession to be a better mom and wife, I would have laughed in your face. Seriously.

My reasons for leaving are quite varied, but it boils down to balance. My life felt very out of balance and I needed to do something. So I did.

I know not everyone understands my decision and that’s okay. What I understand is that this profession is really freaking hard and demanding, and I also understand that our current climate in education makes what we do even harder.

I’m choosing to maximize my self-care (something I have always struggled with), and I can’t wait to see what things I will find along the way!

As for this blog, it’ll still be here. I have lots of lessons I want to share and topics I want to write about, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and understanding. Take care of yourselves. 🙂

new beginning


40 thoughts on “Cha-cha-cha-changes!

  1. I think it’s great! As counselors we are the absolute worst at practicing what we preach! I hope you and your family find the balance you need!!

    • Hi Sandy,
      You are so right! Self-care has always been one of those elusive things I could talk about but never truly practiced until now. It’s takes practice, that’s for sure!
      Thank you!

  2. I know that was a very difficult decision, but I’m glad you are taking care of yourself and family and putting that first. I really enjoy your blog and am glad to hear you will keep sharing ideas. I just did your lesson “It’s Ok to be Different” with Todd Parr book and writing/illustrating worksheet. The kids loved it. Didn’t have any as funny as your “ok to wear boy socks” one, but I loved the examples they gave.

    Best of luck to you,

    Grayson Mabry
    School Counselor
    J.E. Woodard Elementary
    Columbia, TN

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  3. Good for you!! I have submitted my letter of resignation and will be leaving the profession for the exact same reasons. It is not easy to leave but you and your family will forever thank you!

  4. Congratulations on your new journey!

    *Deirdre Nixon* School Counselor Annie Belle Clark Primary 1464 Carpenter Rd. Tifton, GA 31793 (229)387-2410 Office (229) 386-1044 Fax

    On Fri, Jan 26, 2018 at 9:26 AM, The School Counselor Kind wrote:

    > Kayla Marston posted: “I’ve been avoiding this. Over the last 6 months, > I’ve had this conversation many times, with many different people. But to > put the words into writing and publish them on my blog is a whole other > thing. You can’t ever really know where your life will take” >

  5. You have to take care of you. Totally support your decision and sharing a life learning experience that is applicable to all.

  6. I had to catch my breath when I read your reason of “balance”. That is my “one little word” for the year, because I also don’t balance as well as I should. I admire your courage to live what I think we all say, “family comes first” but you know what? Staying up until 2 am in the morning writing lesson plans or spending every car trip on the computer for work is not putting family first and that is me. You inspire me. Good for you!

  7. After 20 years in this profession, I completely understand! Good for you for following your heart, mind and body. I’m just trying to hang on for 8 more years, feeling “out of balance” most days! 🙂 Best of luck to you.

  8. Thank you for still doing your block. I learned so much from your articles. I am a school counsellor and need all the information to make sure that I am continually growing. Thank you and yes, I do understand that sometimes there needs to be an end so that one can make a new beginning.

  9. You’re exactly right about the challenges in this profession. If I could afford to leave, I would. This job has taken a huge toll on my health and my personal relationships.

    I wish you the best.

  10. PLease continue your blog. Im following it always. Good luck on your new journey! I’m Mary Care Catubay from Philippines. Please email me if you have time, I have a lot of things to ask because I know you are the expert on this field. Im still new in the profession.

  11. I’m sorry to be late to the party Kayla, but wish you the best of luck. I’ll look forward to reading anything you have time to post on your blog. Enjoy your family!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your blog with us. I’m in my 2nd year as an elementary school counselor and relied heavily on blogs such as yours to figure out what in the world I was doing. I completely hear your need for balance and wonder often how long I will be able to do this career effectively. Wishing you the very best!

  13. I applaud you for your decision to make self-care and family your priority. Once upon a time, in the field of education, balance lived. We were able to give 100% at work and raise a healthy family. Fast forward to present, the demands of our profession attempt to drain the life out of you, but we tap into our reserve and keep going, and going and going….sometimes to our detriment. I applaud you for realizing your importance to your family and wish you continued success.

  14. I am just now seeing this as I was googling “when to know it’s time to leave my position”. I have been a K-8 school counselor for 11 years and reading your post was like reading my mind. I totally understand and am hesitant to jump into the unknown (even though I know it would be OK) . Good for you and best of luck!

  15. Wow, your story and mine are similar. I started in my K-12 counseling role in the fall of 2010 and am not coming back next year because I want to focus on my young family while I have the opportunity to do so. It is so wierd that I happened to read this today, but I want to say that I think we are doing the right thing–we can jump back into public education when the time is right!

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