Perceptions. They’re a tricky thing. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn just how powerful perceptions can be, regardless of intention.

Let’s start here… Not so long ago, I took inventory of the challenges that many School Counselors face in their daily work, and I put them all together in a video. A satirical, totally non-serious video. A video that blew up faster than I realized it would. A video that far outreached the intended audience of fellow School Counselors who could appreciate and understand the humor in it. A video that, not on purpose, caused some harm and friction.

I work with students all the time on repairing the harm they have caused. I need to do the same.

To those I harmed,

I am sorry. The things I said were not true to my feelings about my work. My words were not meant as an attack on anyone. My intention was to create a silly video for people who do the same job that I do, and that’s all. I realize, though, that my intentions do not matter when the perception is that of offense, hurt, and distrust.

Please know, that I know how lucky I am to be a School Counselor and to work with kids. This is a job that I love and do not take lightly, at all. Please know that I care very much about what I do and who I try my best to help everyday.

I realize that trust takes a long time to build and very little to destroy. Please know that I will do my best to rebuild any trust that has been lost. I will continue to show up everyday and do the job that I love with heart. And I will contribute to building an educational culture of respect, understanding, and love of learning.

I hope you’ll join me.




4 thoughts on “Perceptions

  1. I am sorry that your video was misconstrued by so many. I took it to be very satirical – very funny – and a chance to laugh at what we put up with and what we do. Sometimes humor is the best therapy. As someone who has read you blog over time, it is crystal clear that school counseling is a profession you both respect and love. I read your blog to gain inspiration (and borrow some ideas), insight and to just see how others are dealing with the world of an elementary school counselor.

    • Jocelyn, thank you so much for your comment! You have no idea what it means to me to hear that my commitment and respect for school counseling is so clear!! I try very hard to use my blog to help and inspire others, and I was feeling really bad that one silly, little video might have changed all that. Thank you thank you thank you!!! 🙂

  2. Kayla, I am sorry to hear that your video may have offended some. I have worked as a SC for the past 5 years and I felt like you said all the things I have never dared to say. I’m surprised that anyone could not see the light-heartedness of it. Love all your posts too!

    • Thank you, Jenny, for your comment! I, too, was surprised that anyone took it seriously! I’m glad to hear that it brought some light-hearted humor your way. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog! 🙂

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