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Bouncy Bands provide some wiggle room

Bouncy Bands. When I first heard the name, I thought for sure they were for exercise. Well, I was sort of right. Bouncy Bands are made to let students release energy while they are working at their desks in a quiet, non-distracting way!

Here’s a picture of Bouncy Bands set up on a desk:

bouncy bands

I was offered a free set to try out at my school, and for the last two weeks, a highly active fourth grader has had the set attached to his desk. Just for a little perspective, this student is scrappy, energetic, curious, and more often than not impulsive. Before Bouncy Bands, he would typically be found standing at his desk to do his work because sitting just wasn’t comfortable for his high energy needs. Basically, he was the perfect “guinea pig” for this kind of thing!

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been checking in with him to see how the experiment has been going. His first reponse was to thank me for allowing him to try them – isn’t that so nice?? Other feedback from him has been that he likes using them to move his feet up and down, back and forth, while he sits at his desk (SITS, not stands!). He also told me that it’s really quiet and no one even notices when he’s bouncing away.

When the fourth grade teacher requested to try the set for this student, I was a little skeptical because I thought for sure it would cause a distraction for the teacher or other students. I have received ZERO complaints from anyone, teacher included! I even sat at his desk last week to try it out for myself – I like how the rubber provides a comfortable and stretchy place to rest and wiggle your feet.

Here are a few interesting facts about Bouncy Bands:

  • They’re made with heavy-duty rubber bungee rope for maximum stretching ability.
  • They’re noise-less (really, they are).
  • They’re super easy to install – it takes a minute, tops.
  • They’re not just for students with ADHD or severe sensory issues – any student who is willing to try them can benefit.

For more facts and information, including how to order your own set of Bouncy Bands, head on over to the website:

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