Office before & after 2013


With one week left of summer, I received a call from my new principal informing me that I was swapping rooms with a colleague. My stuff was being packed by maintenance and I was to come unpack when I could.

Whoa. Talk about INSTANT STRESS!!!

However, the room I moved into is in the main building (previously, I’ve been holed away in a portable outside). So it goes without saying that I am beyond excited to be INSIDE the school building, with greater access to classrooms, students, the office, bathrooms, and running water! Eeeeeeeeee!!

Here are some before and after pictures of my office. I’ve done a lot of work! I can’t wait to begin inviting students inside.

Room before1

Before (so many boxes!)

Room before2

Before (more boxes).


Entrance to my room (notice my sign to the right of my door).


Table area and shelves with counseling games, tools, books, etc.


My desk and work area (notice my confidentiality poster).


The “chill out” area – rug, pillows, stuffed animals, puppets, and emotions posters.

You may have noticed I don’t have a window. Bummer! I plan to supplement with a mirror or nice poster that looks like a window. I’m still thinking!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  😀

And….here’s a picture of the bulletin board I created for the beginning of school and open house night. (It’s Pinterest-inspired!)

Feeling puzzled

And finally, here’s the official video tour of my new office. I made this video to show students in their classrooms. It only took about 5 takes! (Thanks to my husband for being cameraman.)

Official video tour

7 thoughts on “Office before & after 2013

  1. I’m so happy that you finally got an office inside your school-it looks great! May I ask where you got your Confidentiality Poster??

  2. Your office turned out great! Love the vertical storage which is what I am trying to achieve in my office. Why is it counselors offices are always so small? Hey, I have an idea for your window—take an old window with panes in it and put a picture behind it. You could paint it up cute or leave it rustic. We see them all the time in the fall and spring clean out days sitting by the curb for the garbage people to haul away. Just a thought.

  3. Thanks Laurel! That’s a neat idea to establish a window look!

    And I agree about small counselor offices! The room I am in now used to be a closet – no joke! But I won’t complain, at least I’m in the building now. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Meliene! I made this video last year and my students loved it. It got a lot of them to at least stop by my room and many felt comfortable right away because they recognized items from the video. It was fun!

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