Back to school basics


Back to school plans already??

I know, I know. For my school district, there’s still a month before students will fill the hallways with their smiling faces…

But it’s already August 1st, and I’ve been thinking about next year since before last year ended. So….my plans have lead me to creating a “Welcome back packet” for staff at my school. I am so excited to have my thoughts organized in a presentable way!

Here is my School Counseling Program pamphlet to hand out to parents, briefly describing who I am and what I do: Counseling Program Pamphlet

My “Welcome back packet” for staff includes a cover page, welcome back letter with my new ideas, teacher referral form, student referral form, and a ‘How can the School Counselor help?’ reference sheet.

I have realized there is a HUGE need for staff at my school to learn more about a comprehensive School Counseling Program and what it is I do all year long. I hope that receiving a packet from me will help my colleagues feel included and energized to collaborate with me this school year!

I made it a point to write SCHOOL COUNSELOR and SCHOOL COUNSELING PROGRAM about a hundred times in the packet. The more that students, staff, and parents see the correct title, the better! I need to advocate for the shift from the much outdated term “GUIDANCE.”

To help with this endeavor, I created a t-shirt at Vistaprint to wear on the first day of school and open house night. This will allow me to be more visible and introduce myself to new students and parents. Now there will be no question of who I am!

Here’s to a fabulous and fresh school year!!!


9 thoughts on “Back to school basics

  1. Kayla! This is great. I am a first year M.S. counselor and I feel this would be great for the staff. Can I please use this for my staff?

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