Replenishing your well

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wishing_well_clip_artI wanted one of my first posts after the welcome to be a meaningful one. What kept popping in my head was the incredible experience I had recently at the annual Health & Wellness Conference at Sugarloaf. I went with my school district’s Health & Wellness Team (I was a last minute addition and I’m so glad I went!). If your district has a team, I definitely suggest joining! It is wonderful networking, sense of community, and you get awesome resources to use!

Anyway, one of the most memorable presentations I saw was by Carrie Stack from the Say Yes Institute. (Check out the website: and check out the Facebook page: The Institute is all about being powerful through positivity. Carrie is an incredible motivational speaker – she’s hilarious! Of the many things she spoke about, I really enjoyed the well analogy. Carrie taught us that we are like a well. The reason a well works is because as water is taken out, water is replenished. Have you ever tried to get water from an empty well? It doesn’t work! We need replenishing too. If we give and give until we are empty, it’s awfully hard to be your best self or do your best work. It’s important to find things that are replenishing for you and do them!

The conference was all about taking care of yourself so you can take care of others. As counselors, we are in the business of giving, and it’s especially crucial that we take time for ourselves and replenish!

So, how’s your well looking? Is it full, half way, or are there cobwebs inside?

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